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Procurement disputes

Споры в сфере закупок

We assist in resolving conflict situations related to procurement, including:

  • Choice of a tender winner;
  • Tendering procedure;
  • Ensuring competition in tenders;
  • Amending contracts concluded after tenders;
  • Inclusion into the blacklist of suppliers;
  • Complying with confidentiality of tender participants’ documents.

Partner Anastasia Pavluchenko has significant experience in resolving tender disputes, what enables her to choose the most efficient protection strategy.

Types of tender disputes we assist with:

  • Appealing actions or decisions of a contracting entity, commission or its members to economic courts or to the Ministry of Antimonopoly Regulation and Trade of the Republic of Belarus;
  • Annulment of tender results;
  • Annulment of contracts concluded after tenders;
  • Appealing decisions on inclusion into the list of contractors temporarily banned from participation in tenders;
  • Establishing antitrust violations related to procurement.

Project examples

Procurement dispute

Defending the interests of a contractor in a complex dispute with the customer related to the client’s non-admission to procurement proceedings and restriction of competition.

Dispute value: about USD 1 million

Client: contractor

All advocates of Goretsky & Partners carry out their activities within the bureau included into the Minsk Regional Bar Association