Investment dispute with a foreign investor

Advising the Republic of Belarus in investment treaty arbitration commenced by Delta Belarus Holding (the Netherlands) concerning insolvency of Delta Bank in Belarus. The dispute is being resolved by the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes.

Dispute value: about USD 100 million

Client: Republic of Belarus


Dispute on violation of exclusive rights for software

Representation of a software developer in a dispute against former employees of the developer for protection of violated exclusive rights for software and seeking compensation in the Supreme Court of the Republic of Belarus.

Dispute value: more than 1 million USD

Client: international IT company


Investment dispute with a foreign investor

Protecting the interests of the Republic of Belarus against claims of Manolium Processing LLC (Russia) in a dispute regarding a multifunctional facility construction project. The dispute is being resolved in ad hoc arbitration under UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules.

Dispute value: more than 200 million USD

Client: Republic of Belarus

Eduard Sychikov, Director General of Beltruboprovodstroy LLC

For more than ten years, this team of lawyers has been providing us with qualified legal assistance and timely support in resolving the most complex issues related to disputes on contracting agreements, tender purchases and other issues, both in the Republic of Belarus and abroad. This is a company with a systematic approach to solving the task, which, of course, affects the final result. We always receive an objective assessment of the situation and risks without impossible promises, and a justified result. We look forward to having further productive cooperation.

Alla Lavrushkina, deputy head of law department of Belarusian Railways

A team of highly qualified lawyers. Every member has the necessary professional skills to complete tasks of any complexity fast and to the highest standard.

Sergei Turkin, deputy director general of Avtosalon-AV LLC (Audi Belarus)

Audi Belarus and the team of Goretsky & Partners has been an impressive and natural duet for more than 10 years. Every year the situation on the market gives us new problems which require qualified advice and participation of a legal partner. Today we can confidently state that Goretsky & Partners are the best partners who can be relied upon 24/7. Resolving issues of any complexity with high speed and great quality, showing flawless work and creativity of every partner, distinctive team spirit, truly caring and bearing responsibility for the collaborative work, they have deserved the right to be recognised as the best of the best in Belarus.

Andrei Grinevich, entrepreneur

The lawyers of the firm provided their full support and reached the set goal as quickly as possible, having demonstrated extraordinary skills. I am fully satisfied with the collaboration with the firm. I recommend their professional services.

Alexander Vanyukov, director of Sunny Travel

For several decades we have never had a desire to change our legal partner – Alexander Goretsky. Integrity, precision, professionalism – these are the main features of his team of professional lawyers. Goretsky & Partners is a firm which can be truly trusted to resolve any matter. Using their assistance one always receives high-quality service and excellent results. And that is very important for a business.


Dispute over compensation for the demolition of a building

Representing a developer in a complex dispute in connection with losses for the upcoming demolition of buildings. The court satisfied the client’s claims to invalidate several transactions on the alienation of the building aimed at increasing the amount of compensated losses.

Dispute value: about USD 10 million

Client: a real estate developer


Investment dispute with a foreign investor

Protecting the interests of the Republic of Belarus against claims of PJCSC Grand Express (Russia) with regard to the construction of a railcar building plant. The dispute is being resolved in ad hoc arbitration under International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes Additional Facility.

Dispute value: about 200 million USD

Client: Republic of Belarus


Dispute over the termination of an investment agreement

Representing the developer of the residential compound “Viasiolka” in a complex dispute concerning the termination of the investment agreement. The dispute resulted in a successful defence against claims for repayment of the incentives and privileges provided to the investor for the realisation of the investment project. The courts rejected about 90% of the claims against the investor.

Dispute value: more than 1,5 million USD

Client: MyClassCom LLC


Investment dispute with a foreign state

Representation of a leading Belarusian oil and gas company against a foreign state in the pre-arbitration stage of an investment treaty dispute on recovering the losses caused to the investor by rejecting its tender offer for construction of a gas pipeline.

Dispute value: about 10 million EUR

Client: JSC Beltruboprovodstroy


Dispute over the recovery of payments under the guarantee of the Government of the Republic of Belarus

Protecting the Republic of Belarus from claims of a third party before the International Commercial Arbitration Court at the CCI of the Russian Federation and Russian courts. The claims concerned the recovery of payments under the guarantee issued by the Government of the Republic of Belarus to the Eurasian Development Bank in order to secure the obligations of a Belarusian entity under a loan agreement.

Dispute value: 3,2 million USD

Client: Republic of Belarus


Defamation dispute

Defending the founder of a large retail company in a dispute on establishing untruthfulness of the information distributed on the Internet and discrediting the client. Supporting the blocking of the website.

Client: founder of a large retail company


Dispute on plant construction

Representing client and its affiliated bodies in various court proceedings connected to the construction of a battery power plant.

Dispute value: more than 2,5 million USD

Client: iPower LLC


Dispute on the expulsion of a Shareholder

Representation of a shareholder in a dispute on excluding another shareholder whose inaction prevented the legal entity from proper operation. Client’s claim was sustained by a state court.

Client: shareholder


Defence against claims of a foreign supplier

Defence of the client against the claims of a foreign supplier for restitution of supplied goods due to the invalidity of the contract and conclusions from a criminal case. The interests of the client were successfully protected resulting in dismissal of the claim.

Dispute value: more than 400.000 EUR

Client: wholesale company


Complex Corporate Conflict

Representation of a large supplier of agricultural products (and its affiliated entities) in a corporate dispute, including disputes on annulment of transactions, recovering losses; protection against numerous claims of a minor shareholder.

Client: CJSC Oblhimservis


Dispute over an international sale and purchase contract

Defending the interests of an American buyer in a dispute over the claim of a Belarusian supplier, considered by the International Arbitration Court at the BelCCI. The dispute ended with a settlement agreement, according to which the plaintiff waived all claims and agreed to compensation in favour of the client.

Client: American company – importer of furniture products


Corporate dispute in an association of owners

Representing the interests of a member of an association of non-residential property owners in a complex corporate dispute, including claims for invalidating the decision of the general meeting, and bringing the charter of the association in line with the law. The court satisfied the client’s claims.

Client: Sovremennye tehnologii upravleniya, CJSC

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