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Construction and real estate disputes

Споры в сфере строительства и недвижимости

We assist in resolving any construction-related disputes, including those connected to:

  • Missed deadlines for works completion;
  • Payments for the works performed;
  • Quality and amount of the works performed;
  • Termination or invalidation of construction contracts;
  • Obtaining necessary permissions for construction and planning;
  • Granting and withdrawing land for construction.

Partners Alexander Goretsky, Oksana Kotel and Anastasia Pavluchenko have significant experience in representing clients in courts on construction-related matters.

Anastasia Pavluchenko is especially praised for her expertise in the sphere of construction disputes by international legal rating The Chambers Global Guide.

Types of construction and real estate disputes we assist with:

  • Recovering debts for the works performed;
  • Recovering losses and penalties for violations during the construction period;
  • Disputes on works quality, guarantee obligations, ordering contractors to remedy defects;
  • Disputes on unilateral refusal and termination of construction contracts, on invalidation of construction contracts;
  • Recovering unjust enrichment during the construction period;
  • Distribution of risks in construction;
  • Disputes on land rights in construction;
  • Disputes on unauthorised construction.

Project examples

Dispute on compensation for demolition of a building

Representing a developer in a complex dispute in connection with losses for the upcoming demolition of buildings. The court satisfied the client’s claims to invalidate several transactions on the alienation of ownership rights for the building aimed at increasing the amount of compensable losses.

Dispute value: more than USD 2,5 million

Client: a real estate developer

Dispute on plant construction

Representing client and its affiliated bodies in various court proceedings connected to the construction of a battery power plant.

Dispute value: more than 2,5 million USD

Client: iPower LLC

Dispute over the termination of an investment agreement

Representing the developer of the residential compound “Viasiolka” in a complex dispute concerning the termination of the investment agreement. The dispute resulted in a successful defence against claims for repayment of the incentives and privileges provided to the investor for the realisation of the investment project. The courts rejected about 90% of the claims against the investor.

Dispute value: more than USD 1,5 million

Client: MayKlassKom LLC

Investment dispute with a foreign investor

Protecting the interests of the Republic of Belarus against the claims of Manolium Processing LLC (Russia) in a dispute regarding a multifunctional facility construction project. The dispute is being resolved in ad hoc arbitration under UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules.

Dispute value: more than USD 200 million

Client: Republic of Belarus

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