NewsAnastasia Pavluchenko and Kseniya Filipovich prepared an article about possible protection strategies for investor


Anastasia Pavluchenko and Kseniya Filipovich prepared an article published in the journal “Lawyer” and dedicated to the protection of an investor from the claims for reimbursement of incentives and privileges brought against the investor after the termination of an investment agreement.

As a general rule, termination of an investment agreement provokes a claim to an investor to reimburse the Republic of Belarus for the amount of benefits provided, namely, unpaid or underpaid taxes, fees (duties) and other obligatory payments.

In the article Anastasia and Kseniya provide exceptions from this rule and describe possible protection strategies for investors in similar situations. The information is based on recent case practice of Goretsky & Partners.

The full text of the article (in Russian) is available on the journal’s website at the following link .

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